• We want our reviews to provide our readers with a snapshot of the book. Help them decide if they want to read this particular book or not. Your review should answer some, but not necessarily all, of the following questions: What makes it well written and worth their time?  Why do you care about it enough to write a review?  What questions did it leave you pondering after you finished reading?
  • Keep the tone informative but friendly. This isn’t an academic essay.
  • Including a few specific examples from the book/collection you’re reviewing is always helpful to our readers. Please keep the quotations brief.
  • Do not site external sources or include a works cited.
  • Length: 500-750 words
  • Please format your review title as simply as possible.
    • For example: “A Review of Author’s Title by Your Name.”  See reviews posted on our site for examples.
  • Keep in mind the aesthetic values of Relief. We aren’t interested in simplistic “inspirational” writing. Instead, we value writing that broadens our perspective and speaks honestly about the beautiful, complex pursuit of faith and art.
  • Feel free to submit reviews for media other than books.
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.